Life Cycle Activities for Kids

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These life cycle activities for kids are perfect for learning anytime of the year. There are so many exciting activities for kids 5-10!

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a great time to teach your kids how living things grow.

On the list below, you’ll find all of the life cycle activities I’ve shared so far on the blog. As I create new activities, I’ll add them to this page.

Life Cycle Activities for Kids

This growing list of (mostly) free printables is a great place to start your search for life cycle themed preschool fun!

Apple Life Cycle

Are your kids learning about the life cycle of an apple? If so, this apple life cycle printable book is a great review tool to culminate your lesson.

This life cycle of an apple lapbook is perfect for assembling a lapbook that will fit right into your autumn science lessons. 

These no-prep printables are perfect for teaching the apple life cycle. Add them to your autumn homeschool plans.

Life Cycle of a Crab

These crab life cycle worksheets are a great way to teach young children about crabs and how they grow.

Life Cycle of a Strawberry

Here’s a fun life cycle of a strawberry placemat that will help your children identify and describe how strawberries grow.

Life Cycle of a Sunflower

This life cycle of a sunflower printable is perfect for assembling a lapbook that will fit right into your summer science lessons.

Summer is a great time to get kids interested in gardening. With this sunflower life cycle worksheet, they can learn about the different stages of a sunflower’s life while having fun!

Life Cycle of a Bee for Kids

Spring and summer are the perfect time to learn about bees and this bee life cycle playdough mat is perfect for your unit. 

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities

Spring and summer are the best time of year to study butterflies. This printable features nine life cycle of a butterfly activities for early learners.

If you’re looking for a great way to introduce your child to the life cycle of a butterfly, look no further than these fifteen fantastic butterfly life cycle books.

Life Cycle of an Ant

Kids will love connecting with nature as they learn about the life cycle of an ant with these printable worksheets.

Life Cycle of an Acorn/Oak Tree

Acorns and colorful oak leaves are sure signs that fall is on its way. Teach kids about the acorn life cycle with this worksheet pack.

Life Cycle of a Turkey

Thanksgiving means it’s turkey time! As you head into the holidays, teach kids all about turkeys with these Thanksgiving turkey worksheets.

Life Cycle of a Shark

This worksheet is perfect for teaching the life cycle of a shark for kids. They’ll love learning how these fascinating animals change and grow from egg to adult.

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

If you’re looking for a fun way to teach your little ones about the life cycle of a pumpkin, look no further! This free life cycle of a pumpkin printable is perfect for preschool and kindergarten students.

Life Cycle of a Fish

Adding a science component to your homeschool curriculum? This free printable fish life cycle worksheet is a great way to introduce the concept to your kids.

Dragonfly Life Cycle

This fun and educational sequencing hat for kids will teach them the life cycle of a dragonfly. From egg to larva to pupa to adult, your child will love learning about this amazing insect!

Life Cycle of a Ladybug

Help your children learn how ladybugs grow and change with this free printable life cycle of a ladybug worksheet

Life Cycle Worksheets

Download and print this set of life cycle cut and paste worksheets to help review eleven different life cycles! Perfect for K-2 students.

That’s it for now! Be sure to check back regularly as this post will be updated often to reflect my newest life cycle activities.

If you are looking for something specific, let me know!

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