Life Cycle of a Strawberry

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Here’s a fun life cycle of a strawberry placemat that will help your children identify and describe how strawberries grow.

Kids love learning about how things grow, and these life cycle activities will help them see how strawberries grow from a seed to a mature fruit.

Strawberries are a perfect summer fruit. Did you know that strawberries have the shortest life cycle of any berry? They only take about six weeks from planting to harvesting!

Follow along to learn more about the strawberry’s life cycle, and how you can teach it to your students.

Life Cycle of a Strawberry

There are four stages of the life cycle of a strawberry. Using the activities below, you can introduce your children to all four stages.

When you’re done, they’ll have a good grasp on life cycles that they’ll be able to apply to other types of plants.

Stage One: Seeds

The seeds of a strawberry plant are unique. Strawberries are the only fruit that have their seeds on the outside.

The average strawberry has about 200 seeds! Can your student count to 200?

Strawberries can be planted in late spring through the fall. With the proper amount of sunlight and water, the plants should begin to grow in just a few weeks.

Plant some strawberry seeds with your kids, and let them experience the life cycle first hand.

Stage Two: Seedling/Sprout

After a few weeks, the seeds will begin to sprout. Your children will begin to see tiny sprouts growing out of the soil.

These sprouts need plenty of water and sunshine to grow. If you planted strawberries, have your children sketch their plant at this stage.

Stage Three: Mature Plant

As the strawberry plant continues to grow, flower buds will emerge. The flowers of the strawberry plant are pollinated by bees and other pollinators.

Once the flowers are pollinated, fruit begins to form. Again, if you planted strawberries with your children, have them sketch the flower.

Stage 4: Fruit

Finally, strawberries begin to grow. They begin as small green berries. As they ripen, they get bigger and change from green to white to red.

Kids can watch the transformation from flower to berry in this video.

Life Cycle of a Strawberry Placemat

Print this free printable on cardstock for durability. If you’d like to make it reusable, laminate it.

Take some time to review the four stages of the life cycle of a strawberry plant.

Now, kids can enjoy a wide variety of life cycle activities including a word scramble, a word search, a maze, and more.

What does this activity teach?

• Number order: Children connect the dots from 1-11 to form a strawberry.

• Sequencing the life cycle of a strawberry

• Spelling and logical reasoning: Children unscramble words related to the life cycle and spell them correctly on the lines.

• Visual discrimination: Children will search among the grid to find words related to the life cycle of a strawberry.

• Logical reasoning and motor skills: Complete the maze drawing a line from beginning to end.


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Teaching Resources

Add some felt strawberries to your pretend kitchen or pretend play area to inspire hours of imaginative play.

Kids can strengthen fine motor skills with this fun strawberry lacing card made from sturdy felt.

Summer is the best time of year to study strawberries. This strawberry life cycle bundle features 21 hands-on activities!

Strawberry Life Cycle Placemat

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