Woodland Scavenger Hunt Printable

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Before you head out on your next nature walk, print a copy of this woodland scavenger hunt printable. Can you find everything on the list?

If your kids tend to get bored on your nature walks, scavenger hunts can help! This one-page printable is a great portable activity that will keep your kids engaged on your walk as they hunt high and low for all of the items on the page.

To prepare for this scavenger hunt, print out one page for each child who will be participating. Then, gather pens or crayons for each one.

If you’d like to make these reusable, you can laminate them and use dry erase markers. This way, you can use them over and over again.

Woodland Scavenger Hunt Printable

The best part about scavenger hunts is that they can be done individually or in groups.

Kids can pair up and compete as teams, or they can compete with each other individually.

Gather your supplies, decide how you want to complete the scavenger hunt (individually or in a group), and head out!

On this woodland scavenger hunt, children will search for objects like nests, acorns, snails, squirrels, and more.

This scavenger hunt printable features images making it appropriate for nonreaders. Of course, big kids will enjoy it, too!


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Scavenger Hunt

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