Acorn Life Cycle

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Acorns and colorful oak leaves are sure signs that fall is on its way. Teach kids about the acorn life cycle with this worksheet pack.

These life cycle activities are a great way to teach your kids how oak trees grow and change from an acorn to a full grown tree.

This pack includes six different activities that your children will love as they learn more about acorns, parts of an acorn, and more.

Acorn Life Cycle

There are so many fun things to teach children about acorns and oak trees. Here are a few engaging ideas that will help you teach your kids about acorns/oak trees, how they grow, their anatomy, and more.

Kids Books About Acorns and Oak Trees

I love to include a wide variety of books in my lessons. I use some for read-alouds and save others for independent reading (when appropriate).

Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorite nonfiction books about acorns and oak trees. I find they’re perfect for introducing the life cycle of an oak tree, increasing vocabulary, and illustrating important information.

Acorn Activities for Kids

Young learners love hands-on activities, and they help students engage with the topic at hand.

When teaching your kids about acorns and oak trees, you can add one or more of these activities to your to-do list:

• This DIY acorn necklace craft is perfect for fall! Children will strengthen fine motor muscles while they craft a necklace to wear all season long.

• Nutter Butter acorn cookies are so easy to make! Kids can do much of the prep work on their own. These cookies are perfect for your fall preschool themes and parties.

• Balancing acorn caps is a great STEM activity to add to your acorn/oak tree lessons.

Acorn Printables

In this worksheet packet, you’ll find six worksheets that are sure to engage your students during your autumn lessons.

Life Cycle Anchor Chart

I suggest printing this anchor chart and laminating it for durability. Then, you can teach the life cycle with the diagram.

This diagram is great for showing a visual image of each step of the life cycle as well as the vocabulary associated with each stage.

Anatomy of an Acorn and an Oak Tree Sapling

Like the life cycle diagram, I suggest printing the anatomy pages on cardstock and laminating for durability.

This acorn diagram shows students the inside and outside of an acorn as well as the vocabulary associated with each part of the acorn.

If you have gathered acorns prior to this lesson, now would be a good time to explore them with your kids. Let them find each part.

The oak tree sapling diagram shows the parts of a sapling (including the part underground that your child may not be able to observe in real life).

Facts About Acorns

Print and laminate this page. Use it to teach kids interesting facts about acorns.

Acorn Observation Page

Now comes the fun part! Kids can explore acorns with this worksheet. This page encourages kids to find the largest/smallest acorn in their stash, make acorn patterns, name the parts of an acorn, and more.

Acorn Word Search

Word searches are fun for kids of all ages. This activity pack includes a word search with acorn-related words to find. You can make this activity reusable by laminating the page and having kids use dry erase markers to find each word.

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