Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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A road trip scavenger hunt is the perfect way to keep your kids occupied the next time you hit the road.

Kids of all ages will love searching for the objects on this page when you provide them with a copy of these scavenger hunt ideas as you’re loading up for your next trip.

Can they find them all in one trip, or will it take several to check them all off?

To prepare for this scavenger hunt, print out one copy of the page for each child who will be participating. Gather pencils or crayons for each one.

If you’d like to make this reusable, you can laminate it and have kids use dry erase markers to mark their findings. This way, you can use the printable over and over again.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

I love going on road trips with my family. But, I don’t love when my kids get bored. With this scavenger hunt printable, kids will be occupied for a while trying to be the first one to find all of the items on the list!

This road trip scavenger hunt can be used around town or on a long trip. You can print it out and take it along on your next trip to the grocery store, or you can pack it along when you head out on vacation.

For short trips, like to the grocery store, challenge kids to see how many objects they can find on the way there or on the way home. Take it on a few different outings. Which route provides an opportunity to see them most objects? Which one provides the least?

For longer trips, challenge kids to be the first to find all of the objects. Can they find them on just the trip to your destination? Or, will it take a few days to find everything?

Road Trip
Scavenger Hunt

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