Elf Activities

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The Christmas season is a time for family, friends, and fun. This year, why not participate in some fun elf activities that will get everyone in the holiday spirit?

You can make elf hats, decorate cookies, and even write letters to Santa. These festive activities are a great way to get your kids into the Christmas spirit.

Below, you’ll find a wide variety of elf crafts, elf printables, and educational activities that are sure to engage students of all ages!

Elf Activities

As we head into the holiday season, we like to add elf-themed Christmas activities to our day-to-day homeschool lesson plans. I’ll share a few of our favorite ideas, and then I’ll share some fun ideas from friends around the web.

Making Elf Hats: Help your kids make their own elf hats! All you need are some colorful construction paper and scissors. Cut out a large circle for the brim, two triangles for the ears, and a strip of paper to go around the head. Let your kids decorate it however they’d like with markers and glitter.

Decorating Elf Cookies: Another great activity for the Christmas season is decorating cookies. Not only will this be a fun and tasty way to get into the Christmas spirit, but it’s also budget-friendly! All you need are some store-bought sugar cookie dough, an elf cookie cutter, frosting in festive colors, sprinkles, and any other decorations of your choice.

These activities are easy and so much fun. So why not make this time of year extra special by choosing one or more of these easy ideas to do with your kids? Your family is sure to have a blast!

Elf Activities

Christmas Elf Activities

Participating in fun elf themed activities like making hats, decorating cookies, and writing letters to Santa is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.

These holiday activities are easy, a lot of fun, and budget-friendly, so why not make this holiday season extra special by participating in some elf activities?

Your family is sure to have a blast with these easy elf ideas!

Elf Books for Kids

Elf books are a wonderful way to introduce children to the mysterious world of elves. These magical stories captivate the reader’s imaginations and bring the enchanting kingdom of Santa’s workshop to life.

Kids can explore different elf families, follow their adventures, and even learn important environmental lessons taught by elves in some of these titles. Elf books help show kids the power of kindness and friendship and provide an inspirational escape into a magical land where everything has its place in nature.

With beautiful illustrations and engaging storylines, these tales serve as perfect bedtime stories that bring laughter, joy, and plenty of fun-filled memories to loved ones everywhere.

Teaching Resources

Do you need a fun and unique Christmas gift? Christmas crayons are the perfect gift for kids of all ages! This crayon box makes a great stocking stuffer, classroom party favors and go great in a gift basket with coloring books!

This Christmas countdown tree ornament set includes a magnetic wooden tree, 24 magnetic ornaments, and 1 shining star for the top of the tree. An attached wooden ornament box helps to keep all the pieces together

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