Birthday Scavenger Hunt

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Print out this birthday scavenger hunt before your child’s next birthday party. The first child to find all the items wins a prize!

Looking for a fun activity to do at your child’s next birthday party? I have a terrific idea for you! As kids enter the party, give each one a copy of this printable scavenger hunt.

Challenge each child to mark each object they find. The first one to find all of the items on the list is the winner!

To prepare for the scavenger hunt, print out one page for each child who will attend the party. Then, gather pens or crayons for each one.

If you’d like to make these reusable, you can laminate them and use dry erase markers. This way, you can use them year after year.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

To use this scavenger hunt printable at your child’s birthday party, you’ll need to decide when to present the activity.

You could choose to hand one to each child as he enters the party venue. Then, kids can begin their search at the start of the party.

Or, you can place a printable at each place around the table. Kids can search for the items as you cut/serve the cake and ice cream.

A scavenger hunt can be done individually or in groups. Kids can pair up and compete as teams.


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The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday – Join Papa, Mama, and Brother, as they help Sister celebrate her birthday. The special day is not all fun and games when Sister becomes overwhelmed by all of the festivities.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Printable

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