Thanksgiving Alphabetical Order

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ABC Order is an important skill for early readers. Our Thanksgiving alphabetical order worksheets are a fun way to help your child learn the order of the alphabet while also getting in the holiday spirit.

The perfect way to make learning fun, these worksheets will keep your child engaged as they practice one of the most important reading skills.

Download our Thanksgiving ABC Order worksheets below. They’re designed for use in your holiday homeschool lessons, but they work well in a classroom setting, too.

These holiday worksheets are designed to give parents and teachers a variety of worksheets to help students practice alphabetizing letters and words during the month of November.

The activities are all no-prep meaning they are ready in a pinch. They can be used to practice alphabetizing letters and words to the first letter making them great for use with kids in kindergarten and first grade.

Thanksgiving Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Our free grammar worksheets are the perfect addition to your holiday homeschool plans while you try to keep the kids engaged in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.


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Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Sheets

These worksheets are perfect for kids in kindergarten and early elementary grades. They’ll help engage your children while also getting them in the Thanksgiving spirit.


This activity pack contains five printables. Because there are a variety of worksheets in this pack, you can choose the one(s) that are perfect for your student’s abilities.

ABC Order Color by Code

Our free holiday packet includes two color by code worksheets. One page instructs students to alphabetize three letters. The other page instructs students to alphabetize three words.

Students will identify the letters and words and use the provided color code to put them in alphabetical order.

Alphabetizing Letters

On this page, children will identify the letters each turkey is holding. They’ll write those letters in alphabetical order on the lines provided in each box.

ABC Order Cut and Paste

This page is for older students. They will cut out the words on the right-hand side of the page and glue them in ABC order in the numbered boxes.

They will alphabetize twelve holiday words. They can color the turkey at the bottom of the page when they’re finished if they’d like.

If your students are new to alphabetizing so many words, you can write the alphabet on a sheet of paper or on the board for them to reference as they work.

Alphabetizing Groups of Four Words

The final activity in this worksheet packet instructs children to alphabetize sets of four words. They will write those words on the lines provided.

To help them stay on track as they alphabetize, you can encourage them to cross out the words as they write them on the lines. This will help them know which words still need to be alphabetized.

Thanksgiving Alphabet Books

Grab one or more of these Thanksgiving alphabet books to read with your students this month. They’re perfect for independent reading or for reading aloud.

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids


Kids will love painting their own personalized turkey to mark their place at the kids’ table this holiday season.

If you don’t want to have your kids paint a turkey, how about decorating a turkey cookie with colored icing? That’s even better!

November is a great time to break up the monotony of traditional grammar lessons with some fun, festive worksheets.

Our Thanksgiving ABC Order worksheets are perfect for young learners who need a little practice putting letters and words in alphabetical order.

Plus, they’ll love getting into the Thanksgiving spirit with our adorable turkey-themed printables!

ABC Order

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