Pumpkin Cut and Paste Worksheets

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Strengthen motor skills while working on math and literacy with these free printable pumpkin cut and paste worksheets.

You guys have been asking for more cut and paste worksheets, and I’m happy to create them for you!

This set of free printables is perfect for your autumn lesson plans. You can add them to your pumpkin or Halloween themes.

These pumpkin printables are perfect for kids ages 4-7. There are activity pages that help kids practice counting to ten, ordering numbers to ten, beginning and ending sounds, and more.

Pumpkin Cut and Paste Worksheets

Because these worksheets are print-and-go, they are perfect for busy moms and homeschool co-op teachers. There is no prep work involved.

Young learners will love working on a variety of math and literacy skills this fall as they practice cutting and pasting.

Preparing the Worksheets

All you need to do to prepare these worksheets is print them out! It’s that easy.

However, if you’d like to make them reusable, you can laminate them after printing them out.

Then, add velcro dots to the back of each cut off piece and each blank box on the page.

What’s Included?

Counting to Ten

There are two counting to ten worksheets. Children will count the pumpkins in each set, and then glue the correct number beside it.

Number Words

As with the first two worksheets, children will count the pumpkins in each set. On this worksheet, however, they will glue the correct number word beside each one.

Sorting by Size

Children will cut out the twelve items on the page. They’ll sort them into the correct box according to their size – big or small.

Beginning Sounds

Children will cut and paste objects that begin with the /p/ sound.

Ending Sounds

Children will cut and paste objects that end with the /p/ sound.

Number Order

Preschoolers will cut and paste the numbers in order from 1-10.

CVC Words

Kids will read ten CVC words. Then, they’ll paste a picture of that word in the box.


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