Thanksgiving Cutting Activity

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Looking for a fun activity to help strengthen fine motor skills? This Thanksgiving cutting activity is just what you need!

Your kids will absolutely enjoy practicing scissor skills and strengthening visual discrimination skills as they cut and assemble these Thanksgiving puzzles.

Not only will your kids love these Thanksgiving-themed free printables, but they’ll work on important early years skills with them.

These Thanksgiving worksheets are designed for use with preschool and kindergarten learners, but they can be used with older children who need extra practice, as well.

Thanksgiving Cutting Activity

When it comes to cutting practice, you can never do too much. Practicing with scissors helps develop fine motor muscles in your child’s hands and fingers.

Using scissors to cut on dotted lines of various patterns, helps develop coordination and gives kids confidence in their cutting ability.

Why are scissor skills important?

When you give your kids an opportunity to work with scissors, they strengthen the small muscles in their fingers, hands, and wrist.

The stronger these little muscles are, the better your child’s fine motor skills will be.

Strong fine motor skills are important for tasks such as writing, cutting, snapping snaps, buttoning buttons, and more.

What is included?

There are three pages of Thanksgiving puzzles in this pack. Each page has two puzzles, and each puzzle has different types of lines to cut.

Using the printables

I suggest printing the puzzles on cardstock and laminating them for durability. Cut apart the pages until you have six Thanksgiving puzzles, but leave each puzzle intact.

Have your child choose a puzzle and cut on the dotted lines from left to right. You may need to demonstrate how to properly hold the paper and the scissors before asking your child to cut apart the puzzles.

Once the puzzle is cut apart, have your child reassemble it. This is a great way to help develop visual discrimination skills.

The puzzles are self-checking since each one is shaped differently. This means, they’ll only assemble properly if all of the lines match.

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Cutting Activity

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