ABC Snowman

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Are you looking for a fun and educational game to help your kids learn the basics of letter recognition?

Introducing ABC Snowman – an adorable snowman-themed letter-matching game that is perfect for teaching little ones about both uppercase and lowercase letters.

With colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, this game will have your child learning in no time!

As they play, children will practice handwriting skills as well as identify letters. Plus, it’s so much fun that they won’t even realize they are learning!

Get our ABC Snowman letter matching game today and give your child the gift of knowledge!

This free preschool printable is a great way to introduce the fundamentals of letter recognition to children in a fun and engaging manner.

Not only will it help young learners become familiar with both uppercase and lowercase letters but also aid in improving their handwriting skills.

This game is sure to become their favorite learning activity in no time!

Free ABC Game

Inside this set of ABC games for kids, you’ll receive the following pages:

  • 3 snowman alphabet mats
  • 5 sheets of snowflake letter cards

Whether you’re working on uppercase letters or lowercase letters, this game is just what you need to add to your literacy centers this winter.

Preparing the Activity

  • printer
  • printer paper
  • laminator
  • laminating film
  • scissors
  • dry erase markers

To prepare this activity, print all of the pages on cardstock and laminate them for durability. Cut apart the five pages of snowflake letter cards.

Completing the Activity

To complete the activity, students will choose a snowflake letter card and identify the letter.

Then, they’ll search for that letter on the belly of the snowman. Finally, they’ll trace the letter with a dry-erase marker.

Continue until all of the letters have been identified and colored.

NOTE: You can have students match uppercase to uppercase, lowercase to lowercase, uppercase to lowercase, or lowercase to uppercase.

Benefits of Letter Matching Activities

Using the ABC Snowman game is a great way to help kids learn about letters. It can help them recognize both upper and lower case letters, as well as practice their handwriting skills.

Plus, it’s fun so they won’t even realize they are learning! With this game, kids will be able to match uppercase and lowercase letters in a fun and engaging way.

They will also get to use dry-erase markers to trace the letter on the snowman board which is sure to bring lots of excitement.

This activity can help children become familiar with different letters while having tons of fun!


Winter can be a great time to learn and explore the world. From snowflakes to birds, there are many activities for kids that will help them discover the beauty of winter.

One fun way to get kids outside is by going on a winter nature scavenger hunt. Give each child a list of items to find, such as snowballs, pinecones, and icicles.

When they’re done exploring, have them collect the items in a bucket and bring them back inside to make art projects or create their own winter wonderland!

Another great activity is birdwatching. As the temperatures drop, many birds fly south for the winter. But some brave species stay in your backyard! Give each child binoculars and a bird guidebook and have them search for different species.

They’ll love getting to know these feathered friends! And if you’re lucky, they might even spot a bald eagle!

Winter Books for Kids

Winter is an amazing season that brings so much joy to children. Whether they’re making snowmen, sledding down the hill, or just playing in the snow, winter provides endless opportunities for fun and learning.

One great way for kids to learn about this season is through books. With a vast array of winter-themed books for kids, you’ll never run out of reading material.

Books like The Snowy Day and White Snow, Bright Snow help to introduce children to the joys of winter. Through these stories, they can explore the wonders of snowflakes, learn about animals living in cold weather, and even discover how to make a snowman.

More Winter Printables

More Winter Activities

A winter word scramble worksheet is perfect for helping children practice spelling winter words.

Winter Bingo can be played at home and in the classroom!

Kids will love playing “Roll a Snowman” at your winter gatherings or on your next snow day!

Winter is a great time to explore the outdoors and have fun with family. With activities like birdwatching, scavenger hunts, and snowman-themed letter matching games, there’s something for everyone!

Plus, reading winter books can help kids learn even more about this amazing season. If you need additional resources or ideas to keep your little ones entertained during the cold months of winter, check out our collection of printables and activities designed just for them!

Have fun exploring all that winter has to offer!

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