Life Cycle of a Plant Cut and Paste Worksheet

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Help kids connect with nature with this free printable life cycle of a plant cut and paste worksheet. It’s perfect for young learners.

These life cycle activities are a great way to teach your kids how plants grow from seed to full grown plant.

This pack includes two sets of life cycle sequencing mats. One is in full color. The other is in black and white for those of you who prefer to save ink.

Life Cycle of a Plant Cut and Paste Worksheet

There are so many ways to teach children the life cycle of a plant. Here are a few engaging ideas that will help you teach your kids about seeds and plants while keeping them learning at the same time.

Plant Movies for Kids

I love incorporating videos into our lessons whenever possible. They’re a great way to break from the books and worksheets that typically fill a science lesson.

I also save them for rainy days or sick days that may crop up during the unit. Here are a few ideas:

Books About Plants

I love to include a wide variety of books in my lessons. I use some for read-alouds and save others for independent reading (when appropriate).

Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorite nonfiction books about the life cycle of a plant. I find they’re perfect for introducing the life cycle, increasing vocabulary, and illustrating important information.

Life Cycle of a Plant Activities

Young learners love hands-on activities, and they help little ones engage with the topic at hand.

When studying the life cycle of a plant, you can add one or more of these activities to your to-do list:

• No matter what growing season you’re in, these plant life cycle books for kids are a great way to teach kids how plants grow from seed to adult.

• I love this Life Cycle Board! This graphic organizer is an awesome visual tool to help children sequence the Life Cycle of plants and animals. The circular shape of the board and the arrows are designed to help children understand Circle of Life and grasp the concept of “Cycle”.


There are two versions of this sequencing activity. One is a color version, and the other is black and white.

Print one copy of the sequencing mats and the retelling page for each student. Print one copy of the sequencing discs for every two students.

I like to print the color version on cardstock and laminate the pages for durability. I cut out the sequencing discs and put a velcro dot on the back of each one. I put the other half of the velcro dot on each circle on the sequencing mat.

If using the black and white version, I print on regular printer paper. The kids can color the pictures and cut/paste them onto the sequencing mat.


You can use the laminated version of this life cycle of a plant sequencing pack in your science centers or as an individual activity. The cut/paste version can be used as seat work.

Start by reviewing the stages of the plant’s life cycle. Be sure to use vocabulary words such as seed, seedling, sprout, pollinate, etc.

Then, have kids place the sequencing discs on the sequencing mat in the correct order.

Finally, older students can write about the life cycle on the writing page. This page has a section for first, then, and finally.

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