Life Cycle of a Butterfly Printables

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I know it’s still winter, but I’m dreaming of spring. That means, I’m looking ahead to spring themes to include in my homeschool lesson plans.

One of my favorite spring topics is butterflies. These life cycle of a butterfly printables are a great way to have your kids connect with nature as they learn how butterflies change and grow.

There are a variety of life cycle worksheets featured below. Some are for preschool and kindergarten students, while others are for elementary students.

Print out one to work one-on-one with your kids, or print out several to teach siblings at their level.

The beauty of free printables is that you can usually find something to allow you to teach all your kids the same theme at their own learning level.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Printables

Each of these life cycle printables can be used in your homeschool or in your homeschool co-op.

Just print them out, prep them if necessary, and then use them with your kiddos.


This wooden butterfly puzzle brain game will promote hand-eye coordination, develop problem-solving skills and improve matching skills. In addition, it can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

This beautiful butterfly lacing toy is great for practicing the sewing motion. It’s made of solid cherry wood, and finished with my homemade organic beeswax polish. The “needle” is attached to the natural cotton “thread” to make it easy to poke through the holes. 

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