Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets

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Focus on letter recognition and beginning sounds with this set of free printable Letter J cut and paste worksheets.

Cut and paste printables are not only fun for young kids, but they are also awesome skill builders. You’ll love how these simple worksheets can help your preschoolers and kindergarteners develop important skills.

Because these worksheets are print-and-go, they’re perfect for busy homeschool moms and classroom teachers alike.

These free printables help little ones practice important motor and language skills in a fun and engaging way.

Keep reading to discover all of the skills covered in this fun set of alphabet cut and paste worksheets.

Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets

These free cut and paste worksheets require no preparation. Just print them on regular printer paper. You’ll need the following supplies to complete these activities:

  • crayons (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue

What do these worksheets teach?

I love when one simple activity touches on a wide variety of skills, and this worksheet packet does just that!

Letter Recognition

Obviously, the biggest skill covered in this worksheet pack is letter recognition. There are J’s all over the pages in this bundle.

One worksheet has students identify which letters are Jj and which letters aren’t. The letters are all presented in different fonts which is important since the world of advertising utilizes a wide variety of fonts.

When kids can pick out the basic form of letter J, they can recognize the letter on signs, in magazines, and on their favorite television shows.

Our first letter recognition page has children sorting eighteen letters into two columns – “letter Jj” or “not letter Jj”.

Another worksheet in this pack has children sort uppercase and lowercase letters J and j. Like the worksheet described above, this one includes various fonts which helps children strengthen visual discrimination skills.

Beginning Sounds

There are so many fun ways to teach beginning sounds. You can have children practice with games, worksheets, or other activities.

This worksheet pack includes a beginning sounds sorting page similar to the letter recognition pages described above.

Children will name nine objects and sort them according to whether they start with /j/ or not.

Reading Cut and Paste Worksheets

The last two pages in this worksheet pack focus on reading. On the first page, children will read four words that begin with the letter J. They’ll cut and paste those words under the correct picture.

The second page features an object that begins with the letter J. Children will cut and paste labels to identify the parts of the picture.

More Letter J Activities for Kids

If your kids enjoy these alphabet activities, you can expand on the themes and topics included to create a full Letter of the Week unit study.

Juice: Help your children squeeze lemons or oranges to make homemade fruit juice. Or, freeze some store-bought juice in ice cube trays to make homemade popsicles.

Jeep: Cut out a large letter J. Let children dip a toy jeep’s wheels into paint. Then, roll the jeep across the letter J for a fun, hands-on art project.

Jellyfish: Print out the “J is for jellyfish” worksheet from this pack of Letter J tracing worksheets.

Jam: Pick fresh strawberries, and make homemade strawberry jelly with your kids.

Letter J Books for Kids

Fill your book basket with a great collection of Letter J books. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

The Giant Jam Sandwich (Sandpiper Book)The Dreamy Wish of a JellyfishSheep In A Jeep (read-Aloud)


The Giant Jam Sandwich – It’s a dark day for Itching Down. Four million wasps have just descended on the town, and the pests are relentless! What can be done? Bap the Baker has a crazy idea that just might work.

Young readers will love this lyrical, rhyming text as they watch the industrious citizens of Itching Down knead, bake, and slather the biggest wasp trap there ever was!

The Dreamy Wish of a Jellyfish – Way down there in the seas so deep, there floats a little jellyfish who has NEVER been to sleep. He tries to sleep all day, all night – strange though it may seem…the jellyfish, he has one wish…he wishes he could DREAM!

Join Jellyfish on his journey to discovering that you don’t need to SLEEP to dream, everybody has dreams and we can make our dreams come true!

Sheep in a JeepSheep in a Jeep is well loved by the preschool and early-reader sets for its slapstick story of five sheep (in a jeep) and silly sound effects—especially when the jeep goes splash and thud in the mud!

More Letter J Worksheets

If your kids enjoy this Letter Jj activity, be sure to check out these additional worksheets. Pick and choose a few to add to your upcoming homeschool plans.

Teaching Resources

Strengthen fine motor skills with this adorable jellyfish yarn craft. It’s perfect for your letter Jj and/or ocean themed lessons.

Letter J Cut & Paste

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