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20 Homeschool Supplies We Use Everyday

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Unlock the secrets to a successful homeschooling experience with our comprehensive guide to 20 essential supplies that fuel our daily educational journey.

From versatile organizational tools to interactive learning aids, this blog post unveils the unsung heroes that transform our home into a vibrant hub of education.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooling pro or just starting, discover the must-haves that seamlessly blend into our daily routine, making learning efficient and enjoyable. Join us as we open the door to a world of homeschool supplies that have become indispensable in our quest for knowledge and growth.

Here are 20 Homeschool Supplies We Use Every Day.

MathLink Cubes

These colorful cubes are versatile tools for hands-on math activities. We use them to help students visualize abstract concepts and build a strong foundation in mathematical principles.

Reward Punch Cards

Punch cards encourage positive behavior and provide a tangible incentive system, fostering motivation and reinforcing good habits through a reward. These are essential for keeping younger kids motivated.

60 Minute Visual Timer

A crucial time-management aid, this timer teaches students about productivity and helps maintain focus during dedicated study sessions, promoting efficient learning habits. We also use these for small groups and other classroom activities.

Desk Organizer

A tidy workspace enhances concentration and productivity. A desk organizer is indispensable for keeping essential materials accessible and creating an organized learning environment.

Book Stand

A book stand promotes good posture, reduces eye strain, and is ideal for reading and reference materials. It is also helpful for facilitating a comfortable and focused reading experience.

Rolling Cart

Offering mobility and organization, a rolling cart ensures easy access to frequently used materials, making it a practical storage solution for a homeschooling environment. It’s also great for keeping your homeschool supplies organized and out of the way when school is done for the day.


A homeschooling staple, a printer transforms digital resources into tangible materials, supporting diverse learning activities and projects. Combined with laminators, you can have everything you need for lesson planning and classroom activities.


A globe is an interactive geography tool, bringing the world into the homeschool classroom and engaging lessons about cultures, countries, and continents. We use this for everything from learning about the world to teaching geography and history.


A laminator enhances durability, creating reusable resources and reinforcing the longevity of visual aids and worksheets. You need one of these for protecting and preserving educational materials. 

Coil Binding Machine

We use these for the creation of custom workbooks and study materials. A coil binding machine adds a professional touch to homeschool resources, making them more durable and organized. 

Monthly Calendar Sheets

Essential for scheduling and planning, monthly calendar sheets aid in time management, helping students and educators stay organized and on track with lessons and activities. We also use these for lesson planning.

Paper Organizer

Paper organizers make streamlining the storage of various types of paper way easier. Using a  paper organizer promotes efficiency by categorizing and separating different materials for easy access during lessons and activities. 


Providing a portable writing surface, clipboards enable students to work comfortably in different areas of the homeschool environment, encouraging flexibility and movement during lessons. We also use these in our flexible seating classroom or homeschooling on the go.

Expanding File Folder

An effective organizational tool for storing and categorizing documents, an expanding file folder keeps important papers in order, preventing clutter and ensuring easy access to resources. We use this one to keep schoolwork for long-term storage.

Pencil Sharpener

A reliable pencil sharpener ensures that writing tools are always ready for use, preventing interruptions during lessons and maintaining a conducive learning atmosphere. If you have kids, trust me, you’ll need a sturdy one!

Cascading Wall Organizer

Maximizing vertical space, a cascading wall organizer stores frequently used materials within easy reach, reducing clutter and promoting a visually appealing learning environment. This is perfect for turning in homework or keeping up with weekly papers.

Three Hole Punch

Essential for organizing and storing worksheets, we use this daily! A three-hole punch allows for easy integration of documents into binders, creating a systematic approach to resource management.

Double Sided White Board

A double-sided whiteboard promotes interactive learning and facilitates brainstorming. You can also use them for problem-solving and visual demonstrations, enhancing engagement and understanding.

Dry Erase Board

Offering a reusable writing surface, a dry-erase board supports various educational activities, from practicing math problems to illustrating concepts, fostering interactive learning experiences. We use this daily in the classroom.

Dry Erase Marker Holder

Keeping markers organized and accessible, a marker holder ensures that writing tools are readily available for collaborative activities and individual exercises. No more looking for erasers or markers, this holder helps with promoting a smooth flow of lessons.

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