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21 Engaging Craft Boxes for Kids

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Arts and Crafts have always been an important aspect of learning for children and these creative craft boxes make for perfect gifts for so many reasons.  It not only helps develop fine motor skills, but also encourages them to use their imagination and gives them a sense of pride when complete. They play a pivotal role in fostering self-expression and decision making.

Plus they are a fun activity and great to do at parties, school or just a fun and relaxing way to spend the day. It’s always a great idea to include a creative craft box for holiday or birthday gifts!

Fun Craft Boxes for Kids

  1. Outside the Box Art Education Monthly Box

First up, we have a recommendation (and incredible deal) that will ignite their creativity and provide endless hours of fun – the Art Subscription Box by!

Outside the Box Creation is a unique educational art subscription box is carefully curated to inspire young minds and encourage artistic exploration. Each month, your child will receive a delightful package filled with high-quality art supplies, a book, and step-by-step project guides for a art project to go along with the story.

Whether they’re painting, sculpting, or drawing, this subscription will unleash their imagination and help them develop valuable artistic skills. This is also a great way to do Art Education in your curriculum if homeschooling as well!

To learn more about the Art Subscription Box and start your child’s creative journey, simply click here. Use code “ART50” for a special deal!

  1. Garden Craft Kit

This cheery garden craft kit is sure to bring a ray of sunshine to your little ones. 

Each kit includes all the course detailed step-by-step instructions with text and pictures to construct 6 different varieties of flowers and insects.  The pre-cut shapes and self-adhesive accessories make this an easy but fun activity.

  1. Make Your Own Dragon Craft

Enhance your child’s imagination using these colorful and sturdy kits that require no glue or scissors. 

Great for an activity at a dragon-themed birthday party or to pass the time on a rainy afternoon, each kit contains supplies to design 4 dragons.

  1. Paper Plate Art Kit

This fun and easy craft activity includes supplies for 12 different paper plate animals. Made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials for worry-free entertainment for your children.

The animal kit includes a monkey, turtle, dog and many more.

  1. Melissa and Doug Race Car and Monster Truck Kit

Your child can design their own race car and monster truck with this kit from Melissa and Doug.  This 2-piece kit includes axles and wheels to make functioning cars! 

Geared for children aged 4 and above, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your child while helping them build a toy they can play with in the future.

  1. Paper Bag Puppets

This Parents’ Magazine Best Toys of the Year and Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner is sure to be a hit with your kids.  Made from colorful and sturdy card stock, the kit comes with individually-wrapped supplies for each puppet and includes easy-to-follow design directions.  Once the puppets are assembled it is time for a puppet show! 

  1. Pom Pom Arts and Crafts

This craft set is a great way to get your youngest children involved.  With no glue or paint, this kit is easy enough for toddlers to follow the simple instructions to create great pictures with the use of pom-poms and googly eyes. The kit comes with 3 designs and string for you to display these works of art when complete.  

  1. Learn and Climb Pipe Cleaner Crafts

With the help of an easy step-by-step guide, your child can turn pipe cleaners into 21 different crafts such as butterflies, snowflakes, daisies and many more.  It also includes a link to online instructional videos to walk them through the designs.

  1. Beginner Lacing Card Kit

Perfect for preschoolers, this lacing kit is a great way to introduce your child to sewing while encouraging development of their fine motor skills.  The kit includes colorful animal shapes, laces and a handy storage bag.  Included on each card is the name of the animal in different languages!

  1. Wooden Bird Feeder Craft

This great bird feeder kit includes 2 unassembled bird feeders with 12 acrylic paints, 2 paint brushes, 2 strings and a sheet of diamond stickers.  When complete, simply fill the included metal pots with bird seed and be ready to enjoy all the different birds who will visit for a snack.

  1. Handprint Craft Kit

Using an old favorite method, handprints, but with the ease of having pre-cut shapes, this kit is a great way for your toddlers to recreate some of their favorite animals.  Each craft comes in its own envelope with easy-to-follow instructions.

  1. Paper Cup Craft Kit

The creativity will just pour out of your child when making these cute paper cup animal designs.  Great for preschool, birthday party activities or just a fun weekend activity.  Everything you need is included in the kit!

  1. Rock Painting Kit

This rock painting set combines a tried and true activity with newer art mediums.  With glow-in-dark puffy paint pens, glitter and stickers, these are a great great idea for children to give to grandma for her garden. Using their imaginations to paint animals, faces, or pretty designs, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Gem Art

With this gem art kit, your children can make suncatchers or keychains.  Your child can display their art work on their bedroom window and decorate their backpacks with the keychain hardware that is included. 

  1. Skillmatics Fun with Foam 

Using this Fun with Foam kit, your child decorate 1 of 4 ocean creatures in this mess-free art activity. The kit comes with over 800 foam stickers for a plethora of different design combinations

  1. 3D String Art

This kit is great for your older children.  It includes the materials and instructions to make a 3D piece of art in either the shape of a star or a unicorn.  The supplies are packaged separately to make it easy to tell which supplies are for each project. 

  1. Make Your Own Snow Globe

Unleash your child’s creativity with this Snow Globe kit.  Using the provided clay and plastic accessories, the kit contains supplies for 3 different under-the-sea designs.  The kit includes a funnel for filling your water globe with water and comes with glitter too!

  1. Super Mario Cross Stitch Kit

Introduce your child to cross stitch using this beginner’s kit of everyone’s favorite video game character, Mario!  The kit includes everything you need, even the hoop.  This easy design may be the start of a lifelong hobby for your child.

  1. Friendship Bracelet Kit

Friendship bracelets are a timeless activity and a way for your child to share their creativity with their friends.  With an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, your child can choose from 7 different braiding styles and adorn it with a decorative clasp. Your children will spend hours creating and trading these with their friends.

  1. Dot It Sticker Kit

This Skillmatic Dot-it kit animal/dinosaur combo includes 12 colorful canvases and over 750 dot stickers for your child to decorate their scenes. A mess-free activity that will keep your child engaged for hours. A great activity for long car rides. 

  1. Window Art Sun Catchers

With this great Holiday-themed kit, your child can contribute their works of art to your household decoration collection.  Simply paint, and attach to the window with the provided suction cups and prepare to be dazzled as the sun enhances the beautiful colors.  Keep for yourself or have the kids decorate them and give them out to family members for gifts.

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