Watermelon Letter Recognition Activity

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This summer, preschoolers can practice the alphabet with this free watermelon letter recognition activity.

July is National Watermelon Month. Celebrate with this festive alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten kiddos.

It’s super easy to prepare these free printables, and it’s even easier for little ones to complete.

Watermelon Letter Recognition Activity

Letter recognition is an important skill for preschoolers to learn. This watermelon letter recognition game is a great way for them to practice.

When students can recognize letters and match uppercase and lowercase letters, they are able to use this knowledge as they learn to read and write.

This fun letter matching game is a great way to help them practice letter recognition and matching any time of the year.

Preparing the Activity

Download and print these pages, and add them to your literacy centers. There are two letter mats – one uppercase and one lowercase.

There are 52 watermelon letter cards – half with uppercase letters and half with lowercase letters.

Cut apart the letter cards and separate them into stacks of uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

How to Use This Activity

Choose which one of these sets you’re going to use – uppercase or lowercase. Set out the alphabet page and one set of letter cards.

Have your child choose a letter card and find the same letter on the dinosaur page. Have them color or trace the letter on the recording page.

Continue in this manner until all of the letters have been identified.


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Letter Recognition

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