Parts of the Body Worksheets

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Parts of the body worksheets are a great way for parents and teachers to engage kids in learning about different parts of their bodies.

Teaching parts of the body to younger students is an important step in helping them develop a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Not only do human body worksheets provide valuable information about our bodies, but they can also be used as fun ways to get children interested in learning.

Teaching parts of the body to younger students is an important step in helping them develop a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Free printable parts of the body worksheets are a great resource that parents and teachers can use to engage kids in learning about their bodies in a fun and interactive way.


With eight engaging worksheets, your kids can discover and explore anatomy in a fun and interactive way. Matching activities, printable diagrams, and more – all reinforce learning about important body parts.

Whether you’re at home or in the classroom, these worksheets are sure to make learning about anatomy interesting and fun!


Parts of the Body Anchor Chart

Anchor charts are designed to highlight the most important parts of a lesson.

This activity pack includes a “parts of the body” anchor chart featuring 34 different parts of the body labeled.

Body Parts Matching

Identify the body part label, and draw a line to that part of the body. You can make this reusable by laminating the page and using dry erase markers to complete the activity.

What Part Does It?

There are various parts of the body featured on the left side of the page. On the right, there are action words. Children will trace the word, and draw a line to the body part that does that action.

What to Wear

On the left side of this page, there are five featured body parts. On the right, there are five articles of clothing. Young children will match the body part to the appropriate clothing item.

How Many Do You Have?

Young students will identify the body parts, and write how many they have. For example, they’ll write the number one to finish the sentence “I have __ head.”

Parts of the Body

Children will identify the various parts of the human body and color the name of that body part.

How Big is It?

Children will use counting blocks or snap cubes to measure their body parts. They’ll measure their hand, ear, nose, mouth, head, and arm.

How can I make learning about parts of the body fun and engaging?

Learning about parts of the body can be fun and engaging for your children if you approach it in a creative way.

Try using a variety of activities, such as hands-on projects, games, role-playing activities, and songs to keep them engaged.

You could also make the lessons interactive by allowing your children to draw or write about what they’ve learned.

Additionally, you could use items around the house to help teach parts of the body – such as a toy skeleton or an anatomy coloring book.

Finally, be sure to find teaching materials that are age appropriate and tailored to their own learning styles.

Parts of the Body Activities

Are you looking for more human body crafts and activities to do with your kids?

We’ve gathered some of our favorites so you have plenty to choose from as you look for activities to supplement your upcoming lessons.


I love to incorporate movies and videos into our unit studies whenever possible. They’re perfect for sick days or rainy days. Here are a few ideas for kids:


In addition to movies, I love to include a wide variety of books in my lessons. I use some for read-alouds and save others for independent reading (when appropriate).

Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorite nonfiction books about the human body. I find they’re perfect for introducing the body parts, increasing vocabulary, and illustrating important information.


Young learners love hands-on activities, and they help little ones engage with the topic at hand.

When studying the human body, you can add one or more of these activities to your to-do list:

• This fun dice game encourages kids to identify and move various body parts.

• How about a fun body parts matching game!

• Sing “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” for a fun interactive way to get kids moving while pointing out body parts.

Download Your Printables

Parts of the body worksheets can be a great way to teach young learners about parts of the human anatomy and physiology.

With our free, printable parts of the body worksheets, you’ll have everything you need to get started!

From labeling diagrams and matching activities to puzzles and measuring games, these parts of the body worksheets are fun and engaging for children.

Plus, they’re reusable by laminating them or using dry erase markers on laminated pages so that kids can enjoy them over again.

Teaching your students about parts of their bodies is an important step in helping them build a strong foundation for lifelong learning – so don’t forget to incorporate parts of the body worksheets into your lessons today!

Parts of the Body

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