Jonah and the Whale Toys

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If you’re looking for a unique and fun toy for your little one, you may want to consider one of these Jonah and the whale toys.

These toys are based on the popular Bible story, in which Jonah is swallowed by a whale and then spit back up onto the shore.

Jonah and the whale toys can come in a variety of forms, from simple plush dolls to more elaborate play sets and are perfect for teaching Jonah and the Whale for kids.

Regardless of which type of toy you choose, your child is sure to enjoy hours of fun with this classic story.

Jonah and the Whale Story

The story of Jonah and the whale is one of the most well-known Bible stories. The basic story is that Jonah was a man who was called by God to go and preach to the people of Nineveh.

However, Jonah did not want to do this and so he tried to run away from God. He ended up on a ship but was thrown overboard during a storm.

He was then swallowed by a whale and spent three days in its stomach before being spewed back out onto the shore. After this, Jonah went and preached to the people of Nineveh as he had been instructed to do.

The story teaches us that we should obey God even when we don’t want to, as He always knows what is best for us.

Jonah and the Whale Toys

If you're looking for a way to teach bible stories to kids, look no further than these fun Jonah and the Whale toys.

They make great Sunday school or homeschooling tools.

Jonah and the Whale Object Lesson

One of the most well-known stories in the Bible is that of Jonah and the whale. This story has been retold countless times, and it continues to resonate with people of all ages.

While the story is often seen as a simple morality tale, it can also be considered an object lesson about the importance of obeying God.

When Jonah refused to carry out God’s will, he was swallowed by a whale and spent three days in its belly. This experience no doubt left him feeling scared and alone.

However, it also taught him the importance of obeying God. As a result, Jonah emerged from his ordeal with a renewed sense of faith and obedience.

While the story of Jonah is unique, it serves as a reminder that we should all strive to follow God’s will in our lives.


Picture books are a great way to introduce young children to Biblical stories. The story of Jonah and the Whale is a popular one that has been retold in many different ways.

Here are some picture book versions of the story that your child is sure to enjoy.

Jonah and the WhaleZonderkidz 16767X The Beginners Bible-Jonahs Big Fish AdventureThe Hard to Swallow Tale of Jonah and the Whale


Jonah and the Whale – Enjoy this traditional retelling of the classic Biblical story about Jonah and the Whale with beautiful illustrations!

Jonah’s Big Fish Adventure – Uh-oh! Jonah didn’t listen to God, and now he’s in the belly of a big fish! What will happen to Jonah next?

The Hard to Swallow Tale of Jonah and the Whale – The story of Jonah is full of ingredients that children love: a dangerous mission; a man on the run; danger at sea; an incredible whale rescue; and a grand finale about forgiveness.

Jonah Activities

Which Jonah and the Whale toys will you add to your collection of Bible story resources?

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