Cow Ten Frame Addition

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Try these free cow ten frame addition cards for some fun learning with adorable cows. Perfect for Cow Appreciation Day!

This set of free printables includes twenty addition cards that are perfect for older preschoolers, kindergarteners, and young first graders who need more practice with addition facts within ten.

Cow Ten Frame Addition

These addition cards are very simple to prepare. Just print these pages on cardstock and laminate for durability. Provide your child with dry erase markers, and you’re all set!

You can use this activity within your farm theme, cow theme, or anytime your child needs a little extra addition practice.

Using the Math Cards

This set of math cards is very easy to use. Have children choose two different colored dry erase markers to work with.

Have your child read the addition problem on the bottom of each card. Use one color to draw dots in the ten frame for the first number in the problem. Then, they’ll use a different color to draw dots for the second number. Count all of the dots and write that number on the equal line.

For instance, in the problem 4+2, have them draw four red dots in the ten frame. Then, they’ll draw two dots with the second color. Finally, they’ll add those two sets together and write the number on the line to finish the equation.


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The Cow Said Neigh! – A fun and humorous tale of farm animals who wish they were like the other animals . . . which leads to a farm-full of confusion! Children will laugh out loud when the cow wants to run free like a horse, the sheep wants a snout like a pig, and the dog wants to be inside like the cat.

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Teaching Resources

Toddlers and preschoolers will love moving the animals around the farm in this farm playset travel toy.

This Fun on the Farm John Deere playset includes tractors, trailers, farm animals, farmer, and more!

Add some Old MacDonald Had a Farm finger puppets to your pretend play area, and your kids will act out their favorite farm stories over and over again.

This paper plate cow craft for kids is super easy and as cute as can be! Add it to your farm-themed for preschoolers or your Letter Cc lessons.

Cow Ten Frames

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