Halloween Addition Worksheets

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With Halloween just around the corner, you may be looking for some fun and engaging activities to add to your homeschool lessons.

If so, you’re in the right place. These Halloween addition worksheets are perfect for your October lesson plans. They’re designed for use with kids who are practicing addition to 20.

These no-prep worksheets are great for busy homeschool parents like you who need something quick and easy to engage young learners.

Using Worksheets to Practice Addition Facts

As any parent or teacher knows, addition is an important math skill for kids to learn. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help kids practice their addition facts.

One effective method is to use worksheets. Worksheets provide a structured way for kids to focus on addition and can be easily tailored to your child’s individual level.

Additionally, using worksheets can help kids to develop their fine motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. And because worksheets can be easily printed out, they make a great addition to any at-home learning program.

So if you’re looking for a way to help your child practice their addition facts, consider using worksheets. They’re an effective, easy-to-use tool that can make a big difference in your child’s math skills.

Halloween Books for Kids

If you’re looking for some great Halloween books for kids, look no further! These three books are sure to get your little ones in the spooky spirit.

First up is Ghost Afraid of the Dark. Follow Boo the Ghost as he celebrates his first Halloween with all his Monster friends! He is a shy little ghost and quickly realizes he is afraid of many things. Read as Boo discovers to be brave in this adorable, spooky story! 

Next is Room on the Broom, a classic tale about a kind witch who takes in some unlikely companions on her flying broomstick. Along the way, they have to outwit a greedy dragon who wants to eat them all!

Last but not least is Where’s My Mummy? This hilarious book follows a young mummy who goes on a wild adventure in search of his lost bandages. With its bold illustrations and silly storyline, it’s sure to become a family favorite. So whether you’re looking for a fright or a laugh, these Halloween books have something for everyone.

For even more ideas, click the covers below to explore these titles:

Clifford's Halloween (Classic Storybook)Clifford’s Halloween (Classic Storybook)Pete the Cat: Trick or PetePete the Cat: Trick or PeteThe Spooky Wheels on the BusThe Spooky Wheels on the BusPumpkin JackPumpkin JackThe Night Before HalloweenThe Night Before HalloweenThe Crayons Trick or TreatThe Crayons Trick or Treat



These no-prep worksheets are a breeze to use. You just need to print them out, and you’re all set.

Provide your student with a pencil and some crayons (optional), and they’re good to go.

NOTE: If you’d like to make any of these worksheets reusable, you can laminate them or slip them into a dry erase pocket. Then, your student can use dry erase markers to complete the pages and wipe them clean when they’re done.


Cut and Paste Addition to 20: Solve the addition problems. Cut and paste the answer under the correct equation.

What makes ten?: Count the candies in the jar. Determine how many more you need to make ten. Cut and paste the answer under the correct jar.

Cut and Paste Addition to 10: Solve each addition problem. Cut and paste the correct answer.

Addition to 10: Solve each addition problem writing the answer in the box.

Addition to 20: Solve each addition problem writing the answer in the box.


Abracadabra – A Halloween Potion and Spell

Abracadabra! Mix up some fun with this magical potion spell. Just add water and watch the potion fizz, change colors, sparkle and explode.

It’s a truly magical experience that your little ones will love. They’ll be delighted by the new discoveries they make and their imaginations will run wild.

Abracadabra is the perfect way to spark some magic in your child’s heart and mind.

Halloween Suncatcher Arts and Crafts Kit

Looking for a fun, easy, and festive craft for Halloween? Look no further than this Halloween suncatcher arts and crafts kit!

Perfect for parties, classrooms, or at-home fun, these suncatchers are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit!

These Halloween worksheets are sure to be a hit with your students! If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to check out our blog post featuring all of our free homeschool printables.

There are plenty of free printables to keep your children engaged in learning all year long.


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Halloween Addition

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