Busy Bee Printables

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These busy bee printables are perfect for your spring and summer homeschool plans. You can even use them for a quiet time activity, if you’d like.

If you’re looking for even more free printables, we have a great collection here on the blog. You don’t want to miss them!

This pack of worksheets includes six different activities that your little ones will love as they work on logical reasoning, scissor skills, motor skills, and more.

Busy Bee Printables

There are so many fun things to teach children about bees. Here are a few engaging ideas that will help you teach your kids about bees.

Bee-Themed Movies for Kids

I love to incorporate movies and videos into our unit studies whenever possible. They’re perfect for sick days or rainy days. Here are a few ideas for kids:

Books About Bees

In addition to movies, I love to include a wide variety of books in my lessons. I use some for read-alouds and save others for independent reading (when appropriate).

Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorite books about bees. I find they’re perfect for introducing bees, increasing vocabulary, and illustrating important information.

Busy Bees Activities

Young learners love hands-on activities, and they help little ones engage with the topic at hand.

When teaching your kids about bees, you can add one or more of these activities to your to-do list:

• Preschoolers will love these color by number bee worksheets. They’re perfect for working on number recognition and color words.

• This beehive craft for preschoolers is simply adorable! Fingerprint bees add to the playfulness of this paper craft that’s perfect for spring and summer.

• This parts of a bee preschool worksheet is perfect for your life cycle, insect, and general bee-themed preschool activities this spring and summer.

busy bee printables

Bee Happy Coloring Page

Give the bee coloring page to your kids to complete as you read aloud a book about bees.

Copy the Bee Pictures

Kids can practice their drawing skills as they use the grid for a fun copy-the-bee and copy-the-beehive activities.

Build a Honeycomb Activity

Print the honeycomb page on cardstock and laminate for durability. You may want to print multiple copies to have enough “cells” for the activity.

Use the next page as a template to build the various honeycombs. There are four different honeycombs to build. Or, kids can use their imagination to build their own.

Scissor Skills

Kids will start at the arrow on the left side of the page. They’ll cut along the dotted line from left to right.

If your kids aren’t ready for scissors, let them trace the lines from left to right instead.

Bee Mazes

Kids will complete the mazes included. This is a great way to strengthen motor skills and logical reasoning.

You can laminate this page and have kids use dry erase markers and use these pages over and over again.

Teaching Resources

This beautiful wooden honey bee puzzle let’s the child explore the wonderful world of honey bees.

You can add some plush bumblebee toys to your imaginative play area for kids to act out their favorite bee stories.

This collection of bee resources is full of my favorite things for teaching preschoolers about bees.

Busy Bee Printables

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