Science Experiments with Water

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We love science activities that are simple to set up! These kid-friendly science experiments with water are perfect for summer or anytime!

Young kids love science. They love to mix, pour, and change things. These simple science experiments for kids are easy to set up, and they are sure to engage your preschool, kindergarten, and elementary-aged kids.

We love science activities that are simple to set up! These kid-friendly science experiments with water are perfect for summer or anytime!

Science Experiments with water

This fishy Skittles experiment is perfect for your summer, ocean, or pond-themed lessons. Kids will love dissolving Skittles in water to make fun scenes. Homeschool Preschool

Making a rain cloud in a jar is a great way to explore weather with your preschoolers and young learners. They’ll see up close how clouds make rain. Homeschool Preschool

Encourage little ones to build a variety of buildings out of blocks and then see how water is displaced differently as it’s poured over each one with this Alphabet Island Investigation Station. The Keeper of the Memories

Introduce color-mixing with this Rainbow Walking Water Experiment for kids. Messy Little Monsters

Explore how sound works with this simple water xylophone that is easy to set up. Mombrite

A homemade water filter science experiment is a great way to demonstrate water purification for clean drinking water. Science Sparks

Kids will enjoy making their very own water compass with common household objects. The Gingerbread House

Learning about water density is so much fun when you make a rainbow in a jar! Primary Playground

Can your kids guess what will make the ice melt the fastest in this melting ice experiment? The Chaos and the Clutter

Combine history, math, and engineering in one fun project when you have your kids make a water clock. STEAM Powered Family

We love science activities that are simple to set up! These kid-friendly science experiments with water are perfect for summer or anytime!

Use household objects to introduce the concept of moving water to preschoolers. This moving water sensory activity is simple to set up, and kids will love exploring. The Keeper of the Memories

Explore the concept of osmosis with this Growing Gummy Bears experiment. Mombrite

Kids will love making their own mini water cycle to see just how the water cycle works. Science Sparks

Explore the question “why does water rise” with this simple experiment that is sure to WOW everyone! Steam Powered Family

Putting white flowers in colored water to create color changing flowers is a classic science experiment for kids. Taming Little Monsters

If you’re studying the weather with your kids, be sure to add this tornado experiment to your activity list. Natural Beach Living

Explore refraction when you set up this “magic” drawing activity for your kids. Go Science Kids

Toddlers and preschoolers will love exploring color mixing in this color changing water sensory bin. My Bored Toddler

Explore water pressure and water flow by designing your own water sprinkler for backyard fun! From Engineer to SAHM

Explore the scientific method with kids as they try to free the LEGOs in this LEGO Ice Excavation Science Experiment. Mombrite

Discuss the effects of pollution on our oceans with this water pollution sensory bin. Natural Beach Living

Discover what water electrolysis is and demonstrate it with this electrolysis of water experiment. Go Science Kids

Explore buoyancy and water displacement when you do science by the pool this summer. Team Cartwright


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