Playdough Activities for Fine Motor Skills

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These playdough activities for fine motor skills are a great way to engage your little ones on a long summer afternoon! Build skills through play!

These printables and hands-on activities are a great way to have your little ones build fine motor skills by pinching, pulling, and manipulating the dough as they make scenes and shapes.

Playdough Activities for Fine Motor Skills

These ocean colors playdough mats are a great way for preschoolers to work on colors, color words, and fine motor skills with a fun ocean them! Homeschool Preschool

Use playdough “snakes” to trace the lines on these fine motor task cards. The Printable Princess

These winter playdough mats are a great way to entertain preschoolers while helping them build fine motor muscles in their hands. Homeschool Preschool

Print out these rainbow playdough mats, and your kids can roll, knead, and manipulate playdough to make colorful rainbows. Busy Shark

This playdough skills packet will help you get your preschool and kindergarten kiddos ready to play with dough without making a mess. Differentiated Kindergarten

Download and print these strawberry playdough mats for your preschoolers. This summer, they’ll love counting to ten with these counting mats! Homeschool Preschool

Set up a monster-themed invitation to play. Kids will build fine motor skills as they pick up and manipulate the playdough, pom poms, chenille stems, and more. Engaging Littles

Present this fine motor task box which includes task cards that encourage little ones to make shapes with playdough. My Happy Place

This fall, your preschoolers can practice counting to ten as they add patches to the scarecrows on these scarecrow playdough mats! Add these playdough mats to your collection of autumn preschool printables. Homeschool Preschool

When you plant some raw spaghetti noodles in a playdough ball, your tots and preschoolers can build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by stringing Cheerios on the noodles. Juggling with Kids

These ladybug playdough mats will help preschoolers visualize the stages of the life cycle of a ladybug. They are both educational and fun! Homeschool Preschool

You don’t want to miss this Little Red Riding Hood activity for kids! They’ll love building story props with playdough mats featuring their favorite characters. Teaching with Children’s Books

Literacy fun for little ones! Grab this fun set of Play Dough Alphabet Mats for young learners. They will love creating letters with play dough and focusing on beginning sounds. Homeschool Preschool

I love these under the sea fine motor playdough mats! Kids can make all sorts of sea creatures out of playdough. Fairy Poppins

Not only will kids build fine motor skills, but this color matching rainbow playdough caterpillar helps little ones learn their colors. Fantastic Fun & Learning

Build fine motor skills and creativity with these summer playdough mats! Print them all out and add them to your summer learning activities. Homeschool Preschool

Preschoolers will strengthen fine motor skills as they roll balls to complete the printable farm shape playdough mats. Look, We’re Learning

Strengthen fine motor skills as young readers spell sight words with this play dough letters spelling activity. The Kindergarten Connection

Kids can use letter-shaped cookie cutters and perler beads together in this fine motor letter practice activity. Mommy Evolution

These spring counting mats will help preschoolers practice counting and one-to-one correspondence while strengthening fine motor skills by rolling playdough balls. 123 Homeschool 4 Me

These donut playdough cards are the perfect way to have your preschoolers practice counting to ten! Rolling out playdough sprinkles is a great way to build fine motor skills, too! Homeschool Preschool

Little ones can build 3D shapes with toothpicks and playdough. Fireflies and Mudpies

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