Pete the Cat at the Beach Worksheets

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These Pete the Cat at the Beach worksheets are designed to accompany the book that features the coolest cat around!

This set of free printables feature worksheets that help kids work on story elements, alphabetical order, handwriting practice, and more.

They are perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1.

Children love Pete the Cat, and they love the beach. Combine the two in this adorable easy reader featuring Pete the Cat and his day at the beach.

Pete enjoys finding seashells and building sandcastles at the beach. When it gets too hot, there is only one way to cool off. Except… Pete is afraid of the water.

Kids will love watching Pete overcome his fears in this I Can Read book for little ones.

Pete the Cat at the Beach Worksheets

These print-and-go Pete the Cat printables are perfect for young readers. They’ll love digging into the story with these activities and graphic organizers.

Pete the Cat Activities

Young learners will love these hands-on activities, and they’re perfect for helping little ones engage with the story.

When reading Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach, you can add one or more of these activities to your to-do list:

• If you live near a beach, let your students complete a beach scavenger hunt.

• Create a fun beach-themed handprint art project. Personalize it with a beach picture of your child.

• Present your student with a fun ocean-themed color-by-number worksheet.

Pete at the Beach Book Companion

Kids of all ages will love diving deep into the story of Pete at the Beach. These print-and-go worksheets will help you do just that.

What’s Included?

• Story Elements. After reading the, kids can record information about the setting, characters, and important events from the story.

• In Summary. Students will write a short summary of the story with the prompts first, next, then, and last.

• Describe Pete. Children will describe Pete the Cat. Then, they’ll describe the problem and the solution presented in the story.

• Before and After. Children will describe how Pete changes from the beginning of the story to the end.

Handwriting Practice. There are three handwriting practice pages which encourage kids to trace letters, words, and even a sentence.

Label it. Expand your child’s vocabulary with a fun labeling activity.

• ABC order. Students will alphabetize ten words from the story.

Syllables. Students will identify six pictures from the story, say the name of each object, and identify the number of syllables in each one.

Pete at the Beach

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