National Librarian Day Activities for Kids

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On April 16, you and your children can celebrate your local librarian with these National Librarian Day activities for kids.

National Librarian Day celebrates and honors librarians. Below, I’m sharing ways you can celebrate your local librarian along with some more fun things to do at the library.

National Librarian Day Activities for Kids

If you’re like me, you make regular trips to your local library, and you’re probably on a first name basis with the librarians.

Between maxing out my library card on a weekly basis and attending storytimes over the years, I came to think of our librarians as friends.

I never knew there was a holiday just for celebrating these amazing people! If I had, I would have celebrated them every year.

Fun Facts About Libraries

Before you start celebrating your favorite librarian, teach your kids a little bit about the library. You can check out some books about libraries, or you can share one or more of the facts below.

• The Library of Congress in Washington DC is the largest library in the world.

• In Vermont, the Haskell Free Library and Opera House sits on the border between the US and Canada.

• Libraries use the Dewey decimal system to organize books on their shelves.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Librarian Day

• Download and print this Call Number Search, and send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the library.

• Your favorite librarian will love this cozy sweatshirt to wear throughout the cold winter months.

• Teach your child a few library jokes to share on their next trip to the library.

• Donate a copy of your child’s favorite book to the library.

• Create a card for your local librarian. Have kids write a “5 things I love about my librarian” list inside.


Fill your book basket with a great collection of books about library. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

Library LionBats at the Library (A Bat Book)Check It Out!: The Book about Libraries


Library Lion – Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very particular about rules in the library. No running allowed. And you must be quiet. But when a lion comes to the library one day, no one is sure what to do.

Bats at the Library – The enchantment of story time is near—come bats, come one and all, and gather around for the tale of the night. Roam the book-filled halls on this inky evening as the bats wander around the library and cause all sorts of mischief.

Check It Out!: The Book About Libraries – The brightly colored drawings will attract young readers and provide a first look at libraries–with all their complexity and excitement.

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