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20 Montessori Toys For Toddlers

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Montessori learning is hands-on, experiential, and investigative.  These Montessori educational toys are perfect gifts for the Holidays.  With bright colors and fun shapes, kids cannot help but be drawn to learning!

What is Montessori? 

Montessori is a scientifically founded method of educating children founded on the belief that a child’s education should be constructed to develop all aspects of a child: social, emotional, physical and academic. 

The Montessori approach to education inspires children towards a lifelong love of learning, by following their natural developmental trajectory.  The Montessori approach embraces embodied education, the philosophy that movement and learning are tied together.

The Best Montessori Toys for Toddlers (Montessori Gift Ideas)

  1. 6-in-1 Wooden Montessori Cube

This 6-in-1 wooden Montessori Cube is great for toddlers and preschoolers.  With its bright colors and fun shapes the activities are fun as well as educational.  The smooth, burr-free edges are perfect for little hands to work on fine motor skills and concentration.

  1. Animal Shape Wooden Puzzles

This wooden puzzle set comes with 6 puzzles of cute characters. The large pieces are painted with nontoxic paint and thick enough so they will not be bent or broken with play. The bright color will entice the younger children to engage as they learn where each piece goes and put it in place.

  1. Sequencing Stacking Beads

A great stacking toy that will help teach colors, patterns and fine motor skills.  Whether it is on the pegs or using the laces, your child uses the provided pattern cards to practice sequencing or they can use their imagination to create their own design.

  1. Color Classification Dinos

These colorful dinos are a great way to learn while playing.  They help with fine motor, color matching, all the way up to helping with math.  It comes with a transparent bucket to store all the pieces in between playtime. 

  1. Farm Sorting Box

It’s harvest time!   This Montessori activity box helps with hand-eye coordination and shape sorting.  With colorful vegetables and adorable farm animals, it is sure to grab and keep their attention. 

  1. Wooden Car Toys

These well-made wooden cars will keep your toddler busy while encouraging use of their imagination as they work on their fine motor skills.  The set comes with 7 cars and 3 peg people and are the perfect size for little hands.

  1. Chicken and Eggs

This item helps teach color and shape sorting.  Each egg half corresponds with a matching shape and color.  The mama hen is a cute yet functional storage container to hold them all!

  1. Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike is an adorable little fellow who can help your child with many skills.  His colorful quills can help with color sorting and also fine motor as they place the easy to handle quills in his back. 

  1. Farm Animal Sorting

These cute animals with their accompanying barns will keep kids busy for hours. They encourage 1-10 number learning, color sorting & matching, and the animals can also be used as finger puppets,  Made of lightweight plastic, they will easily become a favorite. 

  1. Building Block Stacking Toys

This 30-piece building block set will encourage creativity as your little one dreams up different structures.  They are BPA-free and easily stackable for endless fun.  

  1. Pull-String Activity Toy

Geared to the younger children, this flying saucer-shaped toy will help encourage grasping and pulling while introducing many different textures and noises.  Made with food-grade silicone, it’s big fun in a package small enough to take with you on the go!

  1. Montessori Busy Board

Disguised as a toy, this busy board will help your child develop skills they need to gain their independence as they get older.  With velcro, zippers, laces and more they will have so much fun, they will not even realize they are learning!

  1. 3-stage Sensory Ball

This fidget cube is a great gift that grows along with your child.  With 3 different levels of skill sets for different stages of their development.  Stage 1 helps with visual stimulation and self awareness.  Stage 2 helps with auditory development and color recognition.  Stage 3 works on fine motor skills with activities to include push, pull, twist and press.  It would be a Holiday gift that can be used for years.

  1. Spinning Stacking Toy

All kids love stacking toys. This great BPA-free toy adds an element of spinning to the mix. The chunky, colorful discs introduce different textures but are easy to grasp.  Great for development of motor skills as they learn to place the rings on the base.

  1. Stacking and Balance Game

Perfect for dinosaur lovers, these are great for teaching coordination, balance and patience. Made of sturdy wood, they will survive the many tumbles they take as your little one stacks them high!

  1. Fidget Sensory Toy

This cute little crab is a great sensory toy for your toddler.  With many different gadgets and sounds, it keeps them entertained.  It’s a great way to keep their attention in the car while you are out and about.

  1. Montessori Teething Rattle

Perfect for the teething stage, this creative teething toy will help introduce many textures while simultaneously soothing.  Very easy to clean with no small holes to collect saliva, just a quick dip in boiling water will help keep it germ-free for your little one.

  1. Bird Feeding Motor Skill Game

From finding the worms in the tree holes to feeding the baby bird, this great game will help with development of fine motor skills.  The hollow tree is perfect storage for the worms, which your little one will help remove from the tree using the momma bird with her magnet-tipped beak.  The next step is feeding the worms to the baby bird! 

  1. Toy Car Ramp

This great 2-in-1 toy combines love of cars with learning.  Your child will love watching as the cars race down each level of track.  The other side uses a hammer to help the balls reach the penguin’s igloo. The perfect size for easy gripping and development of hand-eye coordination for your toddler.

  1. The Montessori Book for Babies and Toddlers

Finally, a must have book for those using the Montessori method.  Using inexpensive items you may already have at home, this book is filled with over 200 ideas and exercises that not only help encourage mindful development and independence, but also provide everlasting memories of the time spent with your child.  With chapters dedicated to different age groups, you will be able to choose the activities to fit your child’s stage of development and help prepare them for the world as they grow.

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