Mardi Gras Word Search

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Bring the festive spirit of Mardi Gras to your early elementary students with this free printable Mardi Gras word search.

Not only will it help reinforce their existing vocabulary, but also provide them with an introduction to the culture and history of this special holiday.

With a diverse range of words to find, this free printable is sure to be a hit with your students!

Mardi Gras is a time of celebration and merriment that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

With this in mind, we have created a free printable Mardi Gras Word Search game to help children learn more about this special holiday while having fun!

This activity will not only expand their knowledge of the different aspects of the holiday but also help them build their vocabulary and spelling skills.

Use this activity in classrooms or at home with your family to bring some festive spirit into your learning environment!

Print it out today and have fun!

Mardi Gras Word Search

This free word search activity includes a one-page activity with an answer key.


  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Pencils or Pens
  • Mardi Gras Word Search (sign up below)
  • Answer Key (provided)

Completing the Activity

To do a word search, you will need a printer, some paper, pencils, or pens.

Look at the page with the word search and find all of the words on the list.

Use your pencil to draw a line around each one that you find.

When you have finished finding all of them, check your answers using the answer key.

Benefits of Using Word Searches in the Classroom

Word searches are a great way to help your students learn and review new vocabulary words.

They also help improve spelling and can provide hands-on practice for children of all ages.

The activity encourages problem-solving skills, as the student needs to use logic to find hidden words.

This fun game can be used in a variety of ways, such as timed challenges or group activities.

Word searches are also great for helping children improve their attention to detail and develop better concentration skills.

Download your free printable Mardi Gras Word Search today and get started on the festive fun! Sign up below to get your copy now!

Mardi Gras Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for more Mardi Gras-themed crafts and activities to do with your kids?

We’ve gathered some of our favorites so you have plenty to choose from as you look for activities to supplement your upcoming lessons.

Mardi Gras Books for Kids

Introduce your children to the vibrant culture and history of Mardi Gras with these kid-friendly books.

From storybooks exploring traditions to non-fiction texts explaining the meaning behind the festivities, there’s something for everyone.

Let them explore this exciting holiday from a safe and informed point of view and gain a greater appreciation for its festivity.

Make reading a part of your Mardi Gras celebrations this year!

Delphine Denise and the Mardi GrasDelphine Denise and the Mardi GrasMimi's First Mardi GrasMimi's First Mardi GrasMardi Gras (Bullfrog Books: Festivals)Mardi Gras (Bullfrog Books: Festivals)


Delphine Denise and the Mardi Gras Prize – Every year, Delphine Denise Debreaux and her friends ride their bikes together in the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. But this year, there’s a shiny prize for best float―and Delphine Denise just has to win it. How can her friends remind Delphine Denise what the parade is really all about?

Mimi’s First Mardi Gras – Seen through Mimi’s eyes, this pictorial tour of Mardi Gras in New Orleans provides a pleasing introduction to the holiday. Preparations for the annual festivities include the all-important choices of costume; though her parents are dressing as clowns, “Mimi had her heart set on being a beautiful princess.” The depiction of the parade–with its gaudy carnival atmosphere–vividly highlights the Fat Tuesday food, the trinkets thrown to the crowd and the arrival of Rex, King of Carnival. When the parade is over, an exhausted Mimi joins her cousins for gumbo and jambalaya. 

Mardi Gras – In Mardi Gras, early readers will learn about this American festival and the ways people celebrate it. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage emergent readers as they explore this unique celebration.

Mardi Gras Crafts for Kids

Make Mardi Gras special this year with these fun and creative crafts for kids!

From do-it-yourself decorations to party favors, there are plenty of ways to help your children get into the spirit of the holiday.

Whether it’s making masks, making necklaces with colorful beads, or creating decorations from recycled materials – the options are endless.

Get your kids involved in the festivities and bring a little bit of that bright Mardi Gras energy into your home!

• Homeschool Preschool has a great paper plate Mardi Gras mask that is an awesome way for kids to work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

• You won’t believe how easy it is to make this Mardi Gras jester hat with a step by step tutorial from Activity Village.

• Free Kids Crafts hs a fun Mardi Gras headpiece older kids can make uniquely their own.

Mardi Gras Activities for Kids

Mardi Gras is a great opportunity to get your kids up and moving through exciting, hands-on activities!

From parades and processions to mask-making and costume decorating, there are plenty of ways to make sure your little ones take part in the festivities.

Not only will they have a blast getting involved with their own Mardi Gras celebrations, but they’ll also gain a greater appreciation for the culture and history behind the holiday.

This year, show your children the joys of Mardi Gras with these fun, hands-on activities!

• If you are part of a homeschool co-op, your kids can make masks, hats, and crowns, and participate in a Mardi Gras parade of their own.

• Play some Cajun music, eat a King Cake, or make some gumbo or jambalaya.

Mardi Gras Fun

Kids of all ages will love sporting these adorable Disney-themed Mardi Gras tee shirts as they celebrate.

Children can express their creativity as the complete one or more of these Mardi Gras coloring pages to decorate your learning space.

Mardi Gras 
Word Search

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Mardi Gras is a festive holiday that provides an opportunity for children to learn about the culture and traditions associated with it.

With our free printable Mardi Gras Word Search game, they can review new vocabulary words and improve their spelling skills while having fun.

Plus, there are endless possibilities when it comes to crafts, activities, decorations and more.

Whether you’re in the classroom or at home, make sure to include Mardi Gras in your holiday celebrations this year!

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