Long Vowel Games

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These free printable long vowel games are a great way to review all five long vowel sounds with your children.

This set of worksheets for long vowel sounds includes five Read and Cover games for students to play independently as a practice or assessment tool.

Long Vowel Games

To prepare these games for your students, print and laminate each page.

I suggest printing the pages on cardstock, because it’s sturdier than regular printer paper.

You could also print the word cards on the white side of one-sided scrapbook paper so that the cards are opaque on the backside.

Playing the Long Vowel Games

The goal of each of these games is to read the word on the card and cover the picture with it.

There are five boards included – one for each vowel sound. The word cards feature a variety of long vowel patterns.

This game pack includes the following long vowel words:

Long A: ray, pay, cave, face, page, rake, vase, cake, cage, maid, rain, steak, base, and game

Long E: theme, athlete, complete, these, queen, eagle, beach, jeep, field, tea, teeth, beans, feet, and leash

Long I: lime, kite, five, dice, bike, tie, dime, file, mice, pie, bite, fire, hide, and time

Long O: hose, rose, robe, mole, bone, doe, toe, boat, soap, bowl, crow, pole, goat, and snow

Long U: mule, tune, huge, cube, zoo, boot, glue, blue, suit, fruit, tissue, juice, soup, and clue

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