Is Homeschooling Right for Your Family

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Is homeschooling right for your family? There are many factors to consider when deciding to take your child out of the public school system to learn at home, not least of which is the effect it will have on your life as parents.

Homeschooling is a tremendous responsibility, but the rewards for your child and your family can be priceless. Here’s how to decide if homeschooling is right for your family…

Is Homeschooling Right for Your Family

Parents who think that they need a teaching degree to teach their child are wrong. The education children receive from a loving parent can be much greater than what they’ll receive in public school.

You don’t need a teaching degree or even a college degree of any kid, just the desire to give your child a quality education. If there are subjects that you don’t feel comfortable teaching it is possible to hire a tutor for those classes.

A rewarding homeschooling experience for both you and your child requires two things. Your own dedication to teaching your children and determination. You must truly want your child to succeed and be willing to put in the time and effort it takes for your child to reach their potential.

Public school teachers are overwhelmed by the sheer number of students they must control in every class. They cannot spend the individual time with each child that is necessary to bring out that child’s best.

Teaching one-on-one also means that your child can go at their own pace without the pressure to keep up in a classroom. Public school teachers have their curriculum all laid out for them and must move at a predetermined pace so that they can get through their study programs. Even if this means moving forward before every child is ready.

You on the other hand, can make sure your child fully grasps a specific subject before moving forward. Or spend time exploring something they love in greater depth. This will allow your child the opportunity to learn as they should be learning and at a pace they can keep up with.

Homeschooling can help children blossom and bring out a child’s full potential like nothing else can. And you, more than anyone else, want your child to reach their full potential.

For many families, one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is that you can incorporate your own religious and moral beliefs into the education. This is not something that is taught in the public school system.

You can come up with your own homeschooling curriculum which can include religious or moral beliefs. And, by taking control of a child’s education, a parent can shape their child’s value system better than anyone else.

This also means that you have total control over what your child is taught. If you consider the classics or the natural world to be of primary importance in education, you can tailor your curriculum to cover those areas in greater depth. You can also follow your child’s interests and see where it leads.

Time and flexibility is another important factor for some families. You can take a field trip anytime you desire, and vacation when everyone else is still in school.

There are negatives as well as positives to this, however. The biggest negative is that homeschooling will take up a lot of your time. Not just teaching, but also planning, organizing resources and more.

This could be a big sacrifice, especially if you are struggling financially and need to work. However, with a real desire you may be able to live without luxuries that will give you the time you need to offer your child the education they deserve. However, it is possible to make homeschooling more affordable for your family.

If you want to have more input in your child’s learning and add some moral or religious teaching to their education, then homeschooling is probably for you. The greatest thing you will need to give up is your time, but you may well consider this a sacrifice worth making for your child’s education and childhood.

The pros and cons of homeschooling are many, but if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for your family, then give it a try.

You will develop a closer bond with your kids than ever before and be able to spend time together both learning and having fun more than many families in the public school system. Is homeschooling right for your family?

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