Horse Chapter Books for 2nd Graders

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Animal lovers will love these horse chapter books for 2nd graders. The shorter chapters and engaging stories are perfect for kids 7-9!

If you are teaching your kids about horses or you have a horse-lover in your midst, you’ll definitely want to add one or more of these horse books to your horse activities for kids.

Horse Books for Kids

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of chapter books that will help your 2nd graders gain confidence in their reading skills as they read about one of their favorite animals.

Sparkling Jewel: A Branches Book – Tori is super-excited to spend the summer at Gran’s ranch–where there are lots of beautiful ponies! But she is NOT excited to share a room with her younger sister, Miranda.

Miranda likes everything pink, and she loves puppies. Tori does not like pink, and she loves ponies. Tori soon falls in love with a rowdy pony named Jewel and she wants to ride her. But Gran says that Jewel is TOO rowdy.

Will Tori and Jewel ever get to ride together? And when one of the ranch’s puppies goes missing, can Miranda and Tori find the puppy and bring him back home?

Penny and Pepper – Penny is visiting her grandparents out in the country for the summer. They have a surprise for her–a pony named Pepper!

Along with their new friends, Tom and Tina, Penny and Pepper solve mysteries in the neighborhood, and rescue a frightened kitten!

Bramble and Maggie: Horse Meets Girl – Maggie wants a pony to ride and take care of, and to prepare she’s been reading a big book on horse care.

Meanwhile, Bramble is bored with giving riding lessons and walking in circles. She’s looking for just the right person to take her away from her routine. Is it a perfect match?

All About Horses – Do you know a young horse lover who dreams of riding a horse? Or loves to learn about what it takes to care for one? All About Horses can teach them!

They’ll saddle up and become a horse expert as they read up on what horses eat, all the gear that keeps horses strong and healthy, and how to get started with riding.

Summer Pony – Ginny has always dreamed of having her very own pony, so when her parents agree to rent her a pony for the summer, Ginny is thrilled!

But when Mokey arrives, she is shaggy, dirty, and half-starved–not at all what Ginny had in mind. Can Ginny still have the summer of her dreams?

A New Friend (Magic Ponies) – Eleanor is worried that her summer vacation is going to be lonely and boring. But when she meets magical pony Comet, things start looking up. 

Eleanor and Comet go on lots of adventures together and make many new friends!

Pidgy’s Surprise – Cindy Sawyer has a wonderful Shetland pony named Pidgy. Together they have lots of wonderful adventures but Cindy does not appreciate her cute little pony. What she really wants is a fancy show horse like the ones her friends ride.

After a summer of fun and riding, a morning comes when Pidgy goes missing. Not until she looks into the empty stall does Cindy realize how much she really loves her pony.

Will Cindy be able to find her beloved pony before it is too late?

Winter Pony – GINNY FINALLY HAS the pony she has always dreamed of, and now she and Mokey are looking forward to a winter full of new adventures.

Together, they explore the snow-filled woods and even learn to drive a sleigh.

As usual, Mokey has plenty of surprises in store, including one that Ginny can’t believe: Mokey is expecting a foal!

Which of these books about horses will you read first?

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