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Don’t miss this amazing growing collection of our favorite books for kids on a wide variety of topics covering animals, seasons, holidays, and much more!

On an almost weekly basis, I share a list of books on a new topic. These children’s books are perfect for readers of all ages.

Most of the books I share can be found at your local library so you can homeschool more affordably. However, I also include links to the books on Amazon so you can find what you want.

Whether your child is listening to you read or he is already reading on his own, you’ll find an amazing array of books on a wide variety of topics below.

Don't miss this amazing growing collection of our favorite books for kids on a wide variety of topics covering animals, seasons, holidays, and much more!

Books for Kids

The book lists featured below are listed in alphabetical order. This is the easiest way to organize the lists since there will be so many. However, I will bold the keywords so you can scroll down and hunt for specific topics.

Another trick is to hold down the “command” and “f” keys on your computer. You should see a little search bar pop up on your computer screen. Type your topic in that search bar, and it will search for that word on this page.

And, don’t forget to check back often. Each week, as I add new lists to the site, I’ll add them here. Bookmark this page so you can find it as you move from theme to theme in your homeschool lesson plans.

A Books

What a wonderful collection of books about ants! You’ll find board books, picture books, leveled readers, chapter books, and more!

B Books

These bat books for kids are perfect for your bat or nocturnal animals lessons. You can also add them to your Halloween lessons. And, they’re all less than $5!

H Books

Looking for a way to engage your boys in a good book this summer? Try one or more of these horse books for boys!

Add these horse books for kindergarten to your shelves to teach your kids about these beautiful animals.

Fill your book baskets with horse books for kids. This collection of fiction and nonfiction picture books is perfect for animal lovers!

Animal lovers will love these horse books for tweens. They’re perfect for readers ages 8-12. Use them for read-alouds or independent reading.

Horse lovers will love learning about their favorite animals with this amazing collection of nonfiction horse books! Perfect for ages 5-12!

Introduce little ones to horses with this amazing collection of horse picture books for toddlers! These board books are perfect for kids 1-3.

K Books

When you add these Kentucky books for kids to your upcoming state studies or geography lessons, you’ve got a great variety of kids books to choose from!

S Books

Kids of all ages are fascinated by sharks. Use these nonfiction books about sharks to teach them fun facts about these amazing creatures.

These shark books for preschoolers are perfect for your ocean theme and for Shark Week. And, they’re all less than $5!

W Books

Watermelon books for preschoolers are the perfect way to introduce your child to the fun and delicious fruit.

Whale books for toddlers introduce little ones to these amazing ocean animals as well as the classic Bible story of Jonah and the Whale.

If you’re looking for a specific book list, please leave me a comment, and I’ll add it to my growing list.